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Time Frame for Results

Generating results is our #1 goal at The Marketing Agency.

Companies don't need huge marketing budgets to begin increasing their sales. Instead, all they need is a consistent marketing system that continually promotes ads to potential customers until they buy what you're selling.

The problem is our culture today is one that demands instant gratification. That's too bad because marketing doesn't work that way. Studies support that consumers need to see an ad at least 7 times (The Rule of Seven) before they'll actually consider buying from a company they've never heard of.

You see, consistent advertising not only educates consumers on how your offerings improve their way of life, it also builds trust and respect for your company which is key to marketing and sales.

We always say that we have 2 types of clients:

  1. Clients that stay with us for years and increase their marketing budgets over time
  2. And clients that cancel after 30 days due to "no results."

However, if you've got great ads that are continually being clicked and viewed by the same people, you can always bet it's only a matter of time before they start buying from you, as well as other people too.

Feel free to examine our average timeline for results in the infographic below.


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