Marketing System

Code: rblt3

Fee: 1,999/mo

Tier: 3

Option: 1

Target Market: Regional

Offerings: Products & Services

Outcome Desired: Leads

Facebook Ads & Video Development

  1. Build, promote, measure and optimize 6 Facebook ads and Landing Pages each quarter that will target markets that resemble the top 1% similarities of website traffic/past clients, and retarget all website visitors with additional ads until they inquire about your offerings.
  2. Schedule and execute 2 video and pictures shoots every 6 months that we will use to generate a nearly endless series of highly creative, broadcast quality video and picture ads that will capture your unique sales proposition that we will help to craft and refine.
  • Build an automated sketch of the most likely person to become a customer, and use this profile to target those individuals that meet these similarities with strategic Facebook advertising
    • Ensure all website visitors continue to see diverse group of strategic ads until they inquire about your offerings.
    • Measure each ad and landing page in order to adjust elements (headlines, images, body copy, calls-to-actions, ad placement, etc.) based on successes or declining trends.
    • Eliminate lowest converting ad every 3-30 days and replace it with an ad more similar to the ad with the highest conversion rate, overall.
    • Develop online Marketing Portal to track all of our progress, including the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Amount of monthly leads and sales, conversion rates for all marketing tactics, Geo-Markets being targeted, real-time web traffic and ad designs and copy.
  • We will provide all scripts, scheduling, filming, editing and video and picture ad development and promotion (all ad costs are covered in fee).

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