Marketing System

Code: npft3

Fee: 1,999/mo

Tier: 3

Option: 1

Target Market: National

Offerings: Products

Outcome Desired: Foot Traffic

Facebook Ads & Influencer Marketing 

  1. Build, promote, measure and optimize 6 Facebook ads and Landing Pages each quarter that will target markets that resemble the top 1% similarities of website traffic/past clients, and retarget all website visitors with additional ads until they visit your location.
  2. Reach out to all national print, radio and television media outlets as well as key industry social media influencers to ensure exceptional coverage around your organization's unique content/contributions.
  3. Build an automated sketch of the most likely person to become a customer, and use this profile to target those individuals that meet these similarities with strategic Facebook advertising
    • Ensure all website visitors continue to see diverse group of strategic ads until they visit your location.
    • Measure each ad and landing page in order to adjust elements (headlines, images, body copy, calls-to-actions, ad placement, etc.) based on successes or declining trends.
    • Eliminate lowest converting ad every 3-30 days and replace it with an ad more similar to the ad with the highest conversion rate, overall.
    • Develop online Marketing Portal to track all of our progress, including the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Amount of monthly leads and sales, conversion rates for all marketing tactics, Geo-Markets being targeted, real-time web traffic and ad designs and copy.
  4. Build list of national media sources and social media influencers that cover stories within your industry.
    • Help  to create or refine aspects of business that may drive the most media attention.
    • Create email marketing system that will send them press releases/story pitches/content ideas that will maximize client's chances at media exposure.
    • Analyze email marketing metrics to determine which recipients opened emails multiple time, at which point we will make additional, personalized contact to help expedite exposure.
    • We will be responsible for creating pitches, press releases, and ensuring a seamless connection between  and media/social media influencers. 

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