Marketing System

Code: rslt2

Fee: Variable

Tier: 1

Option: 3

Target Market: Regional

Offerings: Services

Outcome Desired: Appointments

Locations: 1

Our Proposal

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Situation Appraisal

Dennis Killianey owns E&K Construction and wishes create a marketing system that will generate customers in perpetuity while giving him the ability to predict future customer volume, and revenue, with laser-focused ad targeting at new prospects.

Additionally, his current website needs are not being met by his current web developer. Therefore, he will be looking to find a new webmaster that will be responsible for hosting his website, making changes within a 48 hour timeframe, while making design changes to his website which will dramatically increase clicks, calls and conversions.


  • Complete initial analysis of your business, locations you serve and competition, followed by a phone call between you and our Copywriter to get a complete understanding of your products, service agreements and branding
  • Create and launch marketing system within 7-14 days of signing up
  • Build and maintain consistent branding and sales messaging throughout all copy and creative
  • Ensure all content is explicitly reviewed and approved by Client before posting

Measurements of Success

All metrics are tracked and displayed in your password-protected Marketing Portal which uses a 3rd Party platform (Databox) to display key performance indicators that we will be creating, managing and improving.

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

  1. Significant Increase in new customers directly tracible to The Marketing Agency's efforts using form and call tracking
  2. Complete frictionless move of website to new hosting, followed by a complete web redesign


  • Higher return on marketing dollars spent from now into the future based on long-term Internet presence enhancement and related implementation of marketing strategies
  • Decrease in time to manage marketing and advertising focus
  • Less reliance on referral network and fixed-system website
  • Significant increase in new customers acquired online

Option 1: Facebook Advertising

The goal of the Facebook Advertising System is to advertise your business, to people already looking for your offerings, until they purchase directly from you.

While you currently have a Facebook Ad program, you will find the assimilation of our ad creative, targeting software/methodologies, combined with ongoing A/B/n split testing will greatly decrease your costs, increase conversion rates, and increase the amount of time Amy and you may commit to other areas of the business.

  1. We will build2 new Facebook Ads (1 targeting potential customers and 1 retargeting exiting leads) each month to ensure a new ad is launched each month, for each grouping of potential local leads. All creative is subject to e-signed approval from Client before being published.
  2. We will use our Lead Xccelerator System which will give us the names, emails and cell phone numbers of 92% of everyone within each geo-radius, who is searching online for deck and sunroom solutions in your local area. We can also provide a list of all website visitors’ names, emails and cell phone numbers that have visited the website and landing pages within 2 hours of their arrival. We may then use this information to promote ads and emails to them directly.
    • We will ensure all website visitors continue to see a diverse group of strategic ads until they contact E&K Construction.
    • We will A/B/n Test each Ad and Landing Page element (headlines, images, body copy, calls-to-actions, ad placement, etc.) in order to increase profit-producing elements while eliminating weaker ones.

Option 2: All of the elements of Option 1, including Email Marketing

The goal of the Email Marketing System is to consistently engage new and existing leads with compelling content and unique offers until they contact you for services

  1. We will download lists of every local consumer, within your local area, currently looking for your services while filtering leads based on specific criteria, such as: homeowner, AMEX card, etc.
  2. The thrust of our email marketing efforts is simple: Build and send emails that drive people to contact you as soon as possible.
  3. We will develop and send 2-4 email marketing campaigns each month to drive new clients.
  4. We will adjust future email marketing efforts based on actionable metrics to steadily increase email open rate, site traffic and make a purchase from email list.

Terms & Conditions

Option 1:         999/month

Option 2:         1,999/month (includes website redesign and 1 year of hosting)

  • Payments are automatically processed each month on your 1st payment anniversary date.
  • You will own everything created on your behalf, and will not be responsible for creating content, images or forms.
  • You are responsible for reviewing all work created on your behalf and providing your feedback and/or approval within a reasonable timeframe of 24-72 hours of completion notification.
  • Marketing Systems may be paused at any time, and billing and services will not commence until Client gives explicit, signed authorization.

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