How to Make an Instructional Videos

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Step 1: How to Make Video


Step 2: How to Shoot Video with Your Phone


Step 3: How to Add Finished Video(s) to Portal


Step 4: How to Upload Videos(s) to Portal Dropbox


When do the videos need to be sent by?

We know you're busy, which is why you have approximately 10 days from the time you received a video request email.

This should be enough time for you to plan, shoot, download and send your footage to us using your Marketing Portal Dropbox.

How long should each video be?

Between 3 - 8 minutes.

Can my staff be in the videos as well?


Your company will do better when you have key leaders stepping forward to demonstrate your company's intellectual firepower, and industry superiority.


Do I have to shoot these videos?


These videos will GREATLY enhance your marketing success; however, if you choose not to make one or any of them, we will use the funds allocated for them for your ads, and other areas of your program instead.


What background should I use?

Based on what you are selling, you will want to use a background that boosts your credibility while not being too distracting.

For example:

Consultant: Use your home office, your backyard or even your favorite chair. Example: CLICK HERE

Pool Builder: Use a beautiful outdoor background that contains a swimming pool, or outdoor fireplace, etc. Example: CLICK HERE

Attorney: The classic attorney in front of shelves of books is a bit hackneyed, so ditch the office and shoot in front of your local courthouse, a friendly coffee shop, outside or even in your favorite chair. Example: CLICK HERE

Politician: Outside works best, especially in front of a group of avid followers. Example: CLICK HERE

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