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How to Give Us YouTube Access

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Step 1: Click the YouTube Button Below


Step 2: Create the Proper Channel for Your Business


Step 3: Give Us Access to Your Channel

Click Here for Checklist

Step 1: Login to your Gmail account.

Step 2: Go to the top right corner of your screen, and click the icon. A dropdown will appear.

Step 3: Click the "My Account" button.

Step 4: Click the icon again, and this time select the Brand Account associated with your YouTube account from the dropdown menu.

Step 5: Click this link:

Step 6: Click "Add or remove managers"

Step 7: Click the "Manage Permissions" button

Step 8: A window will appear. Click the icon in the top right corner.

Step 9: Add this email into the box:

Step 10: Select "Manager" from the dropdown box, and click "Invite.”

Step 11: Finally, click the "Done" box

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