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How My Marketing Portal Works

Your Marketing Portal exists to communicate the details of your Marketing System, as well as allow us to store critical elements of your campaigns we need you to view, approve, or request changes to.

What we're most proud of is the metrics section of your Marketing Portal (section 5) is 3rd Party software that ties directly into your campaigns (web traffic, Facebook Ads, Adwords, etc.) Because of this, our team DOES NOT have the ability to alter these numbers in any way. This ensures total marketing transparency between what you're seeing, and what you're getting. Not many marketing agency in the world can say, or do that, but we can.

This is where your articles, ads, branding materials and keywords are stored for you to view, approve, or request changes made to using section 10.

This is where we store all the marketing lists you send us (email, address, phone, etc.), as well as where your leads and/or sales are sent once they are processed online.

This is where all of your approved marketing and branding materials (logos, brochures, pictures, raw footage, etc.) are stored so you may download them at any time.

This is your support center where you can find answers to our most commonly asked questions, as well as get information regarding how every element in your Marketing System works. If you can't find the answers you're looking for, feel free to submit a ticket using our system, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible (usually within 24-48 hours).

This is where your metrics for your marketing system can be found, as well as the status of your account (Status tab). A full glossary of what each metric means can be found below. If you do not see metrics on your Marketing Portal, your first ads are either in the process of being made, approved, or being set up by our Metricologist.

If you sell your offerings locally, you will see this feature on your Marketing Portal. This is where we show you your local geographical mapping, as well as which regions we are currently targeting based on your Marketing System. This allows you the ability to plan geographical expansion, as well as improve delivery and transportation.

This is where we store the names of the locations you requested us to target for customer acquisition.

This is where we store the names of the products and/or services you requested us to promote for your business.

This is where we store the names of the marketing campaigns we are currently executing on your behalf.

This is the Client Communication section of your Marketing Portal where you will be communicating with us regarding everything in your Marketing System. From approvals, to web changes, to selecting which holidays you celebrate and which ads you wish to promote next month, our Client Communications form has been created to maximize communications while minimizing effort on your part, and ours!

This is where we send you updates regarding our journey to be the leading marketing agency in the world. We know this won't be easy, but with hard work, total transparency, and your feedback and loyalty.

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