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How My Ads Work

We use Facebook ads to get you new customers.

We do this because, at this moment in time, Facebook ads are the most universally effective and lowest cost ad platform available.

We create 3 types of Facebook ads for you. Each ad is meant to target your potential customers based on their online activity, and whether or not they have interacted with your ads in the past. After all, you wouldn't want a stranger seeing the same ad as someone who is considering contacting your company.

Learn more by reading the sections below.


Top of the Funnel Ad

One of the main reasons Facebook ads are so effective is because they target specific people with specific ads based on their online behavior.

This approach is known as an "ad funnel."

Ad Funnel: A model describing the various stages of a prospect's journey from the first interaction with your brand to the ultimate goal: conversion. Conversion rate optimization is about moving people through your marketing funnel, turning them from prospects into raving, repeat customers.

For example, if somebody has never seen your ads or heard of your company, we show them specific types of ads that are meant for total strangers of your company. This would be the tip of your ad funnel.

These ads usually aim to show people they have a problem that your product or service can solve. This ads are usually short, and to-the-point to trigger the potential customers' knee jerk reaction to a deeply embedded need or desire.

Because of this, we don't directly talk about your company in the ad, but rather talk about the potential customers' problem they perhaps didn't realize they had. For example:

See Example

Middle of the Funnel Ad

Once they click that first ad, if they do not contact your company, they will be getting getting a new set of ads that begins talking more about your company and how you solve their problem.

This makes sense because they've already shown an interest in solving their problem by clicking the first ad. For example:

See Example

Bottom of the Funnel Ad

If they still don't become a customer after seeing these ads, they'll see your last set of ads.

If they've clicked your second group of ass but if still not become a customer, we now realize it may be a question of trust where money that they decide to contact you. For example, we may craft a special offer to get them to contact you, or make the ad about testimonials for your company. No matter what we create your ads, and measure them to determine which are most effective Had driving clicks and customer conversions. For example:

See Example

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