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Why We Need ADMIN Access to Your Facebook Business Page

Better Marketing > Higher Profits

We need ADMIN access to your Facebook so we can assign different members of our team to complete tasks necessary for your success, such as:

  • Setting up your Facebook Ads
  • Creating Custom Audiences to re-target your web visitors with Ads
  • Connecting the metrics from your Ads to your Marketing Portal
  • Posting images to your Page such as Holiday Meme and new articles
  • Supervising Team Members to ensure everything is getting done correctly while protecting your information

Why Can't You Manage My Page as an Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst or Live Contributor?

Facebook is an extremely powerful advertising tool, however, it does not allow an entire team of people to login to one personal Facebook Page to manage multiple Facebook Business Pages.

We have tried allowing our entire team to log into one account in the past, and the page was deleted by Facebook, and we immediately lost access to all of our client's accounts. It wasn't a fun month!

This is why we now use the Facebook Business Manager resource to manage our Clients' Facebook Accounts so we can give our team the necessary permission they require to complete their respective tasks.

The image below demonstrates what this looks like from our end.

What happens to my Page if I am no longer a Client?

Once a Client has notified us they do not wish to continue with our services, we remove our entire team from the Client's Facebook Business Page (or personal pages if the Client is a politician or thought leader).

If we created a Facebook Page for you and you do not have ADMIN access, we facilitate you getting ADMIN access as soon as possible to ensure the proper hand-off of your marketing collateral back within your control.

Our Clients' trust, and our reputation as an Agency is extremely important to us, and we would never violate the promise of integrity we've make to our Clients, and ourselves.

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