Marketing System

Code: rpet2

Fee: Variable

Tier: 2

Option: 2

Target Market: Regional

Offerings: Products

Outcome Desired: Website Sales

Location(s): 1

Our Proposal

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Situation Appraisal

Mike Rhima owns EZ Equipment Rental and wishes to be at the top of Google when local companies are looking to rent heavy machinery. However, his website shares the same search-engine limitations as his local competitors, and therefore is hindering his success and revenue.

We will develop a low-cost, high ranking and conversion-friendly website that will feature at least 5 of Mike’s most profitable pieces of equipment in the interest of ranking them at the top of Google for all related keywords. Once this is complete and proven profitable, we look forward to adding his entire list of diverse rental assets.


  • Complete initial analysis of your business, most profitable equipment, local markets and competition, followed by a phone call with you and our Copywriter to get a complete understanding of your products, service agreements and branding
  • Create and launch website and Landing Pages, following your explicit signed approval, within 7-14 days of signing up
  • Increase online visibility to drive new calls from Landing Page’s dedicated 1-888 phone number which we will track and forward directly to your company phone
  • Build and maintain consistent branding and sales messaging throughout all copy and creative
  • Ensure all content is explicitly reviewed and approved by Client before posting

Measurements of Success

All metrics are tracked and displayed in your password-protected Marketing Portal which uses a 3rd Party platform (Databox) to display key performance indicators that we will be creating, managing and improving.

Top 3 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

  1. Launch and approval of website and Landing Pages with all related content and functionality
  2. Significant Increase in new customers directly tracible to The Marketing Agency's efforts through call and form tracking
  3. Increase in Google search ranking for each rental asset


  • Higher return on marketing dollars spent from now into the future based on long-term Internet presence enhancement and related implementation of marketing strategies
  • Decrease in time to manage marketing and advertising focus
  • Less reliance on referral network and fixed-system website
  • Significant increase in new customers acquired online

Methodology: Search Engine Optimization

The goal of the Search Engine Optimization Marketing System is to get your new website ranked at the top of Google so people find you first when searching for each Product (initially 5) we optimize the website for.

  1. We will begin by building a website on a pre-exiting domain that Mike owns, and building out the framework and functionality to maximize its search engine ranking success based on the most modern trends and methodologies.
  2. Next, we will build out a new Landing Page around each rental equipment, including:
    1. Fresh, original, relevant and authoritative blog article content and directory
    2. Explainer videos that will be posted to YouTube as well
    3. External links to and from reputable sources
    4. And all other tactics we require to get each Landing Page ranked at the top of Google
  3. We will track the ranking of your Keywords in your password-protected Marketing Portal. This allows you to track your marketing progress, while allowing us to prioritize keywords that you are not yet ranked for.


Terms & Conditions (new website with all required pages and content included in system)

Option 1: 1 new Landing Page each Month:               999/mo for 5 months

Option 2: 2 new Landing Pages each Month:             1,399/mo for 3 months

Option 3: 5 Landing Pages:                                  2,799 (we require 5 weeks for project completion)


  • Payments are automatically processed each month on your 1st payment anniversary date.
  • You will own everything created on your behalf, and will not be responsible for creating content, images or forms.
  • You are responsible for reviewing all work created on your behalf and providing your feedback and/or approval within a reasonable timeframe of 24-72 hours of completion notification.
  • Marketing Systems may be paused at any time, and billing and services will not commence until Client gives explicit, signed authorization.

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