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Fee: Based on Option

Tier: 2

Target Market: Regional

Offerings: Services

Outcome Desired: Appointments

Our Proposal

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Situation Appraisal

Dan Wagner wishes to convert balding scalps into veritable wildernesses of blossoming hair that will transform the appearance, self-esteem and confidence of men aged 20 - 30 who are sick of the lack-luster lotions and potions.

To accomplish this, he requires an online marketing infrastructure that identifies all potential prospects, relentlessly demonstrates the value of hair replacement, and persuasively convinces them to book a consultation.


  1. Create a complete branding program for Dan’s new company including all Corporate Identity specifications (new logo design, company papers, firm descriptions and tag lines, Company Name and website URL, boilerplate content shells for public relations and corporate communications efforts, and an overall set of guidelines for the usage of these elements in the creation of marketing and sales materials). This branding will be targeted at presenting the company as a dynamic and innovative hair restoration treatment center that also leverages long term success and expertise in its practice areas.
  2. Build new website in accordance with the stylistic preferences of Dan while ensuring all necessary conversion features are present which are required for his success. The foundation of this new website will be an SEO-compliant, content automated website that will allow for the creation of fully optimized individual pages that leverage search keywords and integrate effectively with offsite SEO, including Social Media (Facebook and Instagram), External Linking and Regionalization as appropriate. This also includes:
    1. The overall aesthetic design of the site, including graphic elements, custom font and color usage, and guidance on the implementation and utilization of photographic images to better enliven the site’s impact on visitors.
    2. The functional design of the site, including page types, navigational structures, content placement, responsive (mobile friendly) capabilities, visitor to prospect conversion structures, and other elements designed to enhance user experience (UX) and to support site optimization efforts subsequent to the design.
    3. The incorporation of a lead magnet, including the successful launch of a multi-variable form that will drive 14x’s more leads than the traditional form.
    4. 10 SEO articles, to increase the ranking of the website on Google for Dan’s most profitable areas and services. For example: San Diego hair replacement treatment.
  3. Implement these time sensitive assets with a clear focus on integrating new and ongoing marketing activities to grow the company's client base, and enhanced visibility as a leading, authoritative knowledge resource as discussed above.Once the tasks described in this proposal are underway, The Marketing Agency will provide a separate proposal for the ongoing elements of online marketing, traditional marketing, public relations, and related activities. We will not delay critical aspects of these activities during this transitional period, and they are included in the prices quoted below.


  • Comprehensive and consistent presentation of the company's brand, both visually and in textual communications
  • A new website, optimized for effective Search Engine Optimization, prospective client conversion, and effective communication with future clients
  • Decrease in time to manage marketing and advertising focus
  • Higher return on marketing dollars spent from now into the future based on long-term Internet presence enhancement and related implementation of traditional marketing strategies
  • Increase in online visitor-to-prospect conversion

Measurements of Success

  • Logo, website and all related branding materials completed within deadline
  • Increase in volume of prospective clients through web-related activity
  • Improvement in website traffic-to-prospective client conversion rate versus former company


The Marketing Agency can begin tackling all defined objectives immediately.

Website and all branding materials will be submitted for approval no later than May 2, 2023 provided payment is submitted before April 18, 2023.

Joint Accountabilities

Dan will be continually involved in all aspects of the project and will serve as the primary contact with The Marketing Agency.

Dan will provide The Marketing Agency with reasonable access to key management people, documentation, and company information as appropriate, within the objective and time frames outlined. We will be responsible for scheduling of meetings, and obtaining necessary facilities, equipment, and related support for meetings.

Dan agrees to the fee structure outlined below.

Terms and Conditions

Option 1: $ 3,999 if payment is submitted after April 17, 2023

Option 2: $ 3,499 if payment is submitted on or before April 17, 2023

All work is guaranteed within the timeframe specified above, or we will return your fee.


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