Marketing System

Code: rplt2

Fee: 1,499 - 4,999/mo

Tier: 2

Option: 3

Target Market: Regional

Offerings: Products

Outcome Desired: Leads

Our Proposal

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Andrew Pearl needs to proactively introduce his company to the widest possible number of decision-makers at every single large organization that Arctic Coolers wishes to serve.

We will use Facebook advertising and Search Engine Optimization to convert all interested corporate decision makers into customers by targeting and isolating groups based on their level of interest in a water cooler solution, size of company and location.


  • 6 to 1 profit returns within 90 days of implementation.
  • Complete initial analysis of your business, offerings, market and competition, followed by a phone call between you and one of our Copywriters to get a complete understanding of your business and market.
  • Launch Marketing System following your explicit, signed approval.
  • Increase online visibility to attract new customers.
  • Build and maintain consistent branding and sales messaging throughout all copy and creative.
  • Ensure all content is explicitly reviewed and approved by Client before promoting.

Measurements of Success

  • Launch entire Marketing System within 7-10 days of Client signing up for services.
  • Increase in new customers directly tracible to The Marketing Agency's efforts.


  • Long-term online presence will generate new lucrative leads in perpetuity.
  • Higher return on marketing dollars spent from now into the future based on long-term Internet presence enhancement and related implementation of marketing strategies
  • Significant increase in new clients acquired online.
  • Bring Andy up to date regarding modern marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Overlapping Facebook Advertising and SEO efforts will complement and improve one another’s impact while maximizing every dollar spent in the interest of driving the highest returns possible.
  • Decrease in time to manage marketing and advertising.
  • With solid and consistent improvements to lead volume and conversion, Andy will be able to predict future contracts & revenue.


Option 1: Facebook advertising and call tracking

The goal of the Facebook Advertising System is to advertise your business, to people already looking for an office-based water cooler solution, until they purchase directly from you.

  1. We will build 1-3 new Facebook Ad and Landing Page each month (based on quantity of offerings being promoted) that will target people online already looking for your offerings. We will then re- target all traffic to your Landing Pages and website with additional Facebook Ads until they purchase your offerings.
  2. We will also build an automated sketch of the most likely person to become your customer, and use this profile to target those individuals that meet these similarities with strategic Facebook Advertising
  3. We will ensure all website visitors continue to see a diverse group of strategic ads until they make a purchase.
  4. We will A/B/n Test each Ad and Landing Page element (headlines, images, body copy, calls-to- actions, ad placement, etc.) in order to increase profit-producing elements while eliminating weaker ones.

Option 2: All of the elements of Option 1, including: Search Engine Optimization

The goal of the Search Engine Optimization Marketing System is to get your website ranked at the top of Google so people find you first when searching for water cooler companies online.

  1. Research, develop and seek feedback from Andy regarding new list of the 5 most profit-producing keywords given his target market and services.
  2. Conduct an initial evaluation of Andy’s website to determine current ranking, SEO obstacles that must be addressed, and fastest possible path to getting ranked for new list of approved SEO keywords.
  3. Integrate keywords into website through 5 SEO-focused original landing pages and articles each month to drive new qualified leads looking for Andy’s offerings within the most geographically profitable areas and services.
  4. Tracking will be measured weekly and presented in Andy’s Marketing Portal
  5. We will continue to write content for each keyword until Andy’s website is ranking at the top of Google for every local water cooler-related search.

Terms & Conditions

Option 1:         1,499 / month

Option 2:         1,999 / month

Option 3          4,999 / quarter (includes Options 1 & 2 / quarter)


  • Payments are automatically processed each month on your 1st payment anniversary date.
  • You may cancel services at any time and will not be billed for the following month.
  • You will own everything created on your behalf, and will not be responsible for creating content, images or forms.
  • You are responsible for reviewing all work created on your behalf and providing your feedback and/or approval within a reasonable timeframe of 24-72 hours of completion notification.
  • Marketing Systems may be paused at any time, and billing and services will not commence until Andy gives explicit, signed authorization.

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